Boston Globe, Bloomberg, Cape Cod Times, Law360, and MassLive Cover Settlement with Cape Cod Healthcare

In May 2024, the $24.4 million settlement of the qui tam case Gregg Shapiro filed on behalf of whistleblower Richard Zelman received coverage in the Boston Globe, Bloomberg, Cape Cod Times, Law360, and MassLive.

Bloomberg Law: US Intensifies Drug Discount Debate in Latest Regeneron Lawsuit

In an article on April 12, 2024, Bloomberg Law quoted Gregg Shapiro on the potential for whistleblowers to bring qui tam cases against pharmaceutical companies that indirectly forgive credit card fees for physicians who purchase their drugs.

Law 360: What Circuit Split May Mean For FCA Kickback Liability

On August 28, 2023, Law360 published an article that I co-wrote with fellow former AUSAs Li Yu and Ellen London on recent developments in the law of causation in False Claims Act cases predicated on violations of the anti-kickback statute.

Bloomberg Law: Covid Loan Fraud Probes Turn to the Bankers Who Approved Them

In an article on May 22, 2023, Bloomberg Law quoted Gregg Shapiro on the promise and peril of cases against the banks and fintechs that processed fraudulent loans under the CARES Act.

Law 360: FCA Chases ‘Shrewder’ Kickbacks As 50-Year Hunt Intensifies

On May 11, 2023, in an article on the history of the anti-kickback statute, Law360 quoted Gregg Shapiro in a discussion about how health care businesses have become increasingly innovative in the ways they pay kickbacks to generate sales.

Law 360: 6th Cir. Widens FCA Split, Curtails Kickback Law’s Scope

In an article on March 29, 2023, about a recent decision on the interplay between the anti-kickback statute and the False Claims Act, Law360 quoted Gregg Shapiro’s views on the potential impact of the decision.

Law 360: Unexpected 9th Circ. Inquiry May Curb Customs Fraud Cases

On February 23, 2023, Law360 quoted Gregg Shapiro in an article on a pending case in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals about the ability of the government and qui tam whistleblowers to bring customs fraud cases under the False Claims Act.

Law360: California Importer Pays $3.25M to End Customs Fraud Case

On November 10, 2022, Law360 published an article on a recent settlement in a customs fraud False Claims Act qui tam case that Gregg Shapiro brought on behalf of a Hong Kong whistleblower who alleged that a California-based importer was evading tariffs on Chinese merchandise by understating the prices it paid for the goods.

Reuters: Akorn to Pay $7.9 Million to Resolve Medicare Fraud Claims

On September 15, 2022, Reuters reported on a $7.9 million settlement with pharmaceutical company Akorn to resolve False Claims Act allegations in a qui tam case that Gregg Shapiro brought on behalf of his client, Albermarle, LLC.

MarketWatch: Pfizer Loses Legal Battle with Big Implications for Drug Pricing

On October 1, 2021, MarketWatch quoted Gregg Shapiro in a story on Pfizer’s failed attempt to convince a court to invalidate an opinion from the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General on Pfizer’s plan to subsidize Medicare co-pays for tafamadis, a heart drug that Pfizer priced at $225,000 a year.